Project Hosman


Help us restore and revive the medieval fortified church of Hosman!

Description: The fortification has damaged stucco on almost all walls resulting from the missing above-ground derivation of precipitation water, rising humidity from below and defective gutters. Previous repairs with cement plaster have made the issue more severe and urgent. There are smaller repair works to be carried out on the roof.

Measures: Derivation of rainwater, repairs of the roofs and gutters, work in open space, preventive measures

Current donations: 44 EUR (27.03.2018)


Necessary amount: 3.500 EUR


The fortified church of Hosman underwent a thorough renovation in the end of the 90’s. Since then about 20 years have passed and the important maintenance and care of the building went through different phases.

In the beginning of the 2000’s family Cotaru (Hosman Durabil) took great care of the fortification. They not only made sure it was accessible but also actively repaired things when necessary, for example they restored the tower clock.

As of 2010 different measures were taken by the Association “Jugendburg Holzmengen”, the District Consistory of Sibiu and other initiatives. The Association “Jugendburg Holzmengen” has been caring for the parish house for many years.

In 2016 the parish of Hosman is to formally join and be administered by the community parish of Sibiu.

In order to support the parish and both of the active associations on site we have included Hosman into our roof program for monument preservation.

Our Partners

Association “Jugendburg Holzmengen”

District Consistory Sibiu

Association Hosman Durabil