Project Agârbiciu

Arbegen KirchenturmFortified Church with impressive choir belfry is to be restored and made accessible!

Description: Starting in 2016 the fortified church of Agârbiciu is to be carefully restored. Cracks in the vault, strongly weather-beaten walls in the battle house and fungus in the choir area are severe damages that must urgently be fixed.

Please help the fortified church of Agârbiciu and donate!


The first restoration phase has been completed successfully. (short description)

Measures for the next phase: Security of the further roofs (nave, choir, house of the castle keeper, bacon chamber, gate tower), withdrawal of surface water, repairs on the ring wall and coverage, installation of a lightning conductor

Current donations: 0 EUR (18.04.2019)


Necessary amount: 15.000 EUR


Total amount donated 25.300 EUR
Expenditures 2017 4.100 EUR
Expenditures 2018 0 EUR
Expenditures 2018 20.400 EUR
Expenditures 2019 1.100 EUR

Included are 300 Euros from the reserves of the Fortified Churches Foundation and its German support association.


In close partnership the Fortified Churches Foundation and the HOG (hometown community of Saxons from Agârbiciu living mainly in Germany) have set the mutual target of stopping the deterioration of the fortified church and performing urgent conservation and repair measures.

In addition to theses endeavors various collaborations of recent years with partners at home and abroad have also led to maintenance work on the church. Among others, the Vienna University of Technology carried out a study on the construction history of the fortification in 2013/2014. The result is a detailed documentation which we used as part of a short expert report in late 2015. All parties involved – the HOG Agârbiciu, the Church District Medias, the Fortified Churches Foundation – have called out for further funding.

Fortunately we were able to include the fortified church of Agârbiciu in a 2-year restoration project funded by the U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP), supporting the preservation of cultural sites and historic monuments. The implementation of the project begins in 2017 and updates to the progress of the work will be posted here on our website.

More information of the planned activities can be obtained here (foto documentation) and here (short expert report). (available in German language only)

Donations to support the project can be made here. (Please specify “Agârbiciu” as the intended use.)

Our Partners

HOG Arbegen (German language only)

Church Distric Medias (German language only)

Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP)