Project Șoarș


Medieval fortified church with valuable stone masonry work is to be preserved!

Description: The fortified church of Șoarș, which was originally one of the largest fortified churches, is to be saved and repaired together with its two outbuildings (fruit house, parish keeper’s house).

Measures: Emergency repair of the tower wall, complete construction planning, further expertise, restoration of the 14 pillars

First goal achieved!
The first stage was successfully completed! (short report)

 Current donations: (18.12.2020): 39.139,24 EUR Goal achieved!


Necessary amount: 38.000 EUR

Total amount donated 45.935 EUR
Expenditures 2016 ca. 500 EUR
Expenditures 2017 ca. 18.000 EUR
Expenditures 2018 0 EUR
Expenditures 2019 ca. 4.000 EUR


For years the HOG Șoarș (hometown community of Saxons) has been trying to stop the continuous decay of the church and its outbuildings. With good will and the best hope for success, even small interim goals could be achieved. Nevertheless, a professional and long-term conservation concept is still needed.

On request and on the initiative of Ursula Hummes, the Fortified Churches Foundation prepared a short report in December 2015.

Donate for the preservation of the fortified church of Șoarș here and indicate the intende use “Șoarș“!

Our Partners

HOG Șoarș, Ursula Hummes

Association of Lutheran Parishes Făgăraș (German language only)