Richiş / Reichesdorf

Our Objectives

The Fortified Churches Foundation was founded by the Evangelic Church of Augustan Confession in Romania in order to create an expert institution with the main focus on preserving the religious heritage. The legal form of a foundation enables the necessary long-term perspective and improves the possibilities of fundraising for this endeavor.

In order to reach the mentioned objective a number of activities are planned and will be further developed step by step in the next years. They are focused on the following fields of work:

  • Construction and preservation measures on the fortified churches and the movable religious assets
  • Conception work and development of strategies
  • Education programs
  • Public relations as well as the organization of cultural and professional events
  • Professional tourism
  • Fundraising

The Fortified Churches Foundation will carry out these activities in close cooperation with regional and international partners. Moreover it is also possible to fund third parties which are active according to the statute of the Foundation.

Further details can be obtained in the statute (in German and Romanian language only).

Our work can only be successful and sustainable with the help of many partners. If you would like to support the Fortified Churches Foundation you are welcome to obtain information on how to do so here >>