Transylvania’s landscape of fortified churches

Transylvania is famous for its more than 160 fortified churches. With their defense systems, these architecturally impressive sacred buildings are characteristic for the cultural landscape. They are the landmarks of many villages and of Transylvania as a whole, visible from afar. They are witnesses to the eventful history of this border region, which was heavily fought over in the Middle Ages. Their density and diversity is unique in Europe and the world. more >>

The Fortified Churches Foundation

Currently, more than half of the fortified churches are threatened by decay to varying degrees. The Fortified Churches Foundation was established in the fall of 2015 and, as a specialized institution, pursues the goal of preserving and maintaining the cultural heritage of the Evangelical Church A.C. in Romania in the long term. To achieve this goal, we carry out a variety of activities that go far beyond the field of building preservation. more >>


Fortified Churches

Since the preservation of fortified churches only makes sense and is sustainable if they are in use, we develop concepts and ideas for expanded use and implement model projects together with partners. In this endeavor, tourism also plays an important role, as it offers prospects for the fortified churches, especially in rural areas. As individual objects and as an entity, namely the landscape of fortified churches, these cultural sites are unique. We invite you to embark on a journey of discovery – find out more on our website and come to Transylvania to experience the fortified churches in all their facets and see for yourself. more>>