Transylvanian Landscape of Fortified Churches

Transylvania is famous for its over 160 fortified churches and their long history dating back to medieval times. At the time Transylvania was a hard-fought border region. The population reacted to enemy attacks by expanding their churches through fortifications. In cases of conflict the fortified churches served the villagers as an area for retreat and protection. For centuries they have been modified and reconstructed. Many of them have been maintained to these days and together they form the unique landscape of fortified churches which is characterized through the density and diversity of this cultural heritage. They are the visible landmarks of many villages and the entire region. read more >>

The Fortified Churches Foundation

The Fortified Churches Foundation was established in autumn of 2015 on the basis of Romanian foundation law. As an expert institution we have the long-term objective of preserving and maintaining the religious and cultural heritage of the Evangelic Church of Augustan Confession in Romania. To do so, a large number of activities that go beyond the fields of construction and preservation are intended. read more >>