We are asking for donations for the Transylvanian landscape of fortified churches: on the one hand for concrete projects and on the other hand for the running activities of the Fortified Churches Foundation.

Șoarș / Scharosch bei Fogarasch

In recent years, the facades and roof of the fortified church in Scharosch (near Fogarasch) have been renovated, together with the parish of Fogarasch and the Heimatortsgemeinschaft of Scharosch. We are asking for donations for additional repair works on the church.

Necessary Amount: 7.000,00 EUR
Current Donations (20.06.2024): 2.700,00 EUR

Măgheruș / Maniersch

We have managed to awaken the fortified church of Maniersch from its sleep and occasionally carry out minor repair and maintenance works. We are once again collecting donations for the annual maintenance programme and additional repair works on the bell tower.

Necessary Amount: 4.000,00 EUR
Current Donations (20.06.2024): 2.800,00 EUR

Dupuș / Tobsdorf

The medieval church in Dupuș is to be repaired and restored step by step. In a first construction phase, emergency repairs are planned to stop further decay.

Necessary Amount: 2.500,00 EUR
Current Donations: (20.06.2024): 720,00 EUR

Toarcla / Tarteln

Together with a local partner, the Fortified Churches Foundation is working on small but targeted measures to preserve the medieval church in Toarcla. EUR 2,500 is required for urgently needed work in 2024.

Current Donations (20.06.2024): 260,00 EUR

Copșa Mare / Großkopisch

The Pro Groß Kopisch e.V. association and the Fortified Churches Foundation are planning repairs to the roof of the west tower, which is to be restored with its elaborate wooden structure. This will require around EUR 20,000. In preparation, an initial emergency repair was carried out in autumn 2023 with the donations received up to that point.

Necessary Amount: 20.000,00 EUR
Current Donations (20.06.2024): 1.000,00 EUR

Ormeniș / Irmesch

We and our partners have long been committed to protecting the fortified church in Irmesch. The church roof was repaired in 2022. Donations are still needed for annual maintenance and minor repairs.

Necessary Amount: 2.000,00 EUR
Current Donations (20.06.2024): 0,00 EUR

Maintenance Programme

Donation Target: 3.000,00 EUR
Current Donations: 2.000,00 EUR

Tower Clock Programme

Donation Target: 3.000,00 EUR
Current Donations: 1.200,00 EUR


If you would like to support the work of the Fortified Churches Foundation in the long term, please help us by making an endowment. This flows into our capital stock and thus increases the foundation’s assets. The larger these assets are, the more income we can generate from them to finance our work.

Donation Accounts:

Romania: Donations in RON

Account holder: Fundatia Biserici Fortificate
IBAN: RO 02 BTRL RONC RT03 1735 8401

Romania: Donations in EUR

Account holder: Fundatia Biserici Fortificate
IBAN: RO 49 BTRL EURC RT03 1735 8401

Germany: Support Association (in EUR)

Account holder: Förderverein Kirchenburgen e.V.
IBAN: DE 37 3506 0190 1566 3690 16

Please specify an intended use – the name of a certain fortified church, a project or simply „Fortified Churches Foundation“ in case you wish to support our organization.

Donation receipts can be issued according to German and Romanian law. Please send us your contact information in order to receive a receipt:

The donation receipts are usually issued at the beginning of a year for the previous year.