About us

The Fortified Churches Foundation was established to preserve the Transylvanian-Saxon fortified churches and the cultural heritage of the Evangelical Church A.C. in Romania. It is a follow-up institution to the former Coordination Office of Fortified Churches.

The foundation has its seat in Sibiu. It is managed by an honorary Board of Directors:

  • Friedrich Gunesch, Chairman of the Board
  • Dr. Konrad Gündisch, focus: cultural heritage and monument preservation
  • Dr. Carmen Schuster, focus: economy and finance

The Board of Trustees of the Foundation, which acts in the sense of a supervisory board, is composed of 13 members from Romania and other European countries.

The following team works in the Foundation office:

Sebastian Bethge

Commissioner for the Preservation of Monuments

Wieland Köber

Project administration

Andreea Mănăstirean

Project coordination

Experts from numerous trades support the team on an ad hoc and project basis.

The work of the Fortified Churches Foundation builds on the almost ten years of work of the Coordination Office of Fortified Churches and continues to develop it decisively.