„Heritage preservation in the wider sense includes everyone who has a heart for our monuments and who works for their conservation whenever possible…” ( Georg Dehio, 1903)

Education in the field of monuments preservation and craftsmanship

We are committed to the implementation, up-keeping, and sharing of knowledge in traditional methods and techniques which were used to build the fortified churches in the past. Knowledge of these methods and the preservation of monuments in general are passed on to craftsmen, castle guardians, curators, caretakers, and other interested groups. This way we support the people who deal with the churches and fortifications on a daily basis, and thus contribute substantially to their preservation. Architects, restorers, archaeologists and other experts support us in this endeavour.

Current projects

Due to the positive experience of a workshop for castle guardians conducted in spring of 2014 we are planning further, regular trainings of this kind.

In addition we are currently preparing courses for planners, managers and decision-makers who are involved with the monument heritage on behalf of the Evangelic Church A.C. in Romania.

Past projects