The Fortified Churches Foundation

The Fortified Churches Foundation was established in autumn of 2015 on the basis of Romanian foundation law. As an expert institution we have the long-term objective of preserving and maintaining the religious and cultural heritage of the Evangelic Church of Augustan Confession in Romania (ECR). To do so, a large number of activities that go beyond the fields of construction and preservation are intended.

The Romanian President Klaus Werner Iohannis and the German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier have taken over the double patronage of the Foundation.

The Foundation is financed through donations, funds and sub-foundations which are used for projects and practical work as well as for building up the capital stock. The initial capital was provided by the Evangelic Church of Augustan Confession in Romania.

Find out more about us and our activities as well as about our Support Association in Berlin, Germany which assists us in reaching our goals.