The Fortified Churches Foundation is currently concentrated on the following projects with regards to monument preservation. These objects of focus were chosen due to their threatened state or because of an active initiative on site.

Agârbiciu – roof programme, repairs on the church

Daia – bell tower to be saved from decay

Șoarș – roof programme

Irmesch - Rettung der beschädigten Kirchenburg

Ormeniș – saving the damaged fortification

Hundertbücheln soll gegen den Verfall geschützt und neu belebt werden

Movile – to be protected from further decay

Bußder Wehrkirche und Alte Schule sollen notgesichert

Boz – roof programme

Magarei - Rettung der stark beschädigten Kirchenburg

Pelișor – saving the damaged fortification

Holzmengen - Instandhaltung der Kirchenburganlage

Hosman – maintanance of the fortification

Belleschdorf - Bergungsarbeiten und Sicherung / Reparatur des Turmdachs

Idiciu – rescue work / repair of tower roof

Dobarca - Bergungsarbeiten und Sicherung / Reparatur des Turmdachs

Dobarca – repair of roof

Hands on Conservation

Summer school – Hands on Conservation