Birk and Dana just arrived! The Fortified Church Foundation receives Churchfortress-Children

Two new faces will enrich the child and youth work of the Foundation Kirchenburgen from now on. The illustrator Joy Katzmarzik from Mainz designed it on behalf of the foundation. The two figures are intended to help make materials for this area more understandable and appealing and to present the unique cultural heritage of the fortified churches in an interesting way for the next generation. Birk and Dana will from now on be involved in explaining in brochures and didactic material.

The project was carried out with financial support from the Federal Foreign Office of Germany by the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations in Stuttgart; it was initiated by ifa culture manager Aurelia Brecht, who is currently working for the Fortified Church Foundation and the  Forum in Sibiu/Hermannstadt.

Birk und Dana