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Focus >> Hosman

700 years: Hosman is celebrating! In 1319 the Harbachtal municipality of Hosman/Holzmengen was first mentioned in a document under the name “Holzmenia”. On the occasion of the 700th anniversary, a large celebration will take place on 3 and 4 August 2019 on the initiative of the Hometown Community (HOG). – […]

Focus >> Filitelnic

A castle under reconstruction Filitelnic is a small village in the district of Mureș – it lies in the southern side valley of the Târnava Mică River, approximately 20 km from Sighișoara. The fortified church is located on a hill in the northeast of the village. The first documentary mention […]

Focus >> Tătârlaua

An Art historical jewel Tătârlaua (Taterloch) lies in the district of Alba about 15 kilometers northwest of Mediaş (Mediasch). The first documentary mention of the village dates back to 1332. The Gothic hall church dates from the 15th century. A special sight in Taterloch is the Gothic altar, which dates […]

Focus >> Valchid

Small and fine castle The small fortified church is a little off the beaten track in a left side valley of the river (Große Kokel). If one takes in this side valley the way to Copșa Mare (Großkopisch), one can make a stop here. Southwest is Biertan (Birthälm), northwest Şoarş […]

Focus >> Şoala

Castle on the hill Şoala lies about six kilometres east of Arbegen on the right side of the Weißbach river. The village consists of only two streets – the fortified church rises on a hill. From the 15th century Şoala/Schaal belonged to the district of Schelk as a free municipality. […]

Focus >> Măieruș

Church Castle near the Ghost Forest The village of Măieruș is the northernmost municipality in the Burzenland, 30 kilometres from Kronstadt between the so-called Ghost Forest and the old river. Măieruș was first mentioned in 1377 under the name “villa nucum”. At that time the village formed an administrative unit […]

Focus >> Romos

Church in the Mureș Valley Romos is located east of Oraștie in the district of Hunedoara, on the left tributary of the Mureș River. The village is one of the oldest settlements of the Transylvanian Saxons, first mentioned in 1206. From 1532 Rumes belonged to the Chair of Oraștie. During […]

Focus >> Holzmengen

The church castle takes the floor Ladies and gentlemen, dear fellow castles, I must tell you that it is already a curious thing what one experiences as a church castle: For centuries one stands around in world history, and all sorts of strange guests pay a visit to one. I […]

Focus >> November

The fortified faith – church castles in Transylvania   Sometimes a project starts on a detour, so that even its authors seem to be surprised about its origin. Jürgen van Buer’s interest in fortified churches goes back to his youth. At that time an aunt had given him a book […]

Focus >> Bogeschdorf

A look of the altar of Bogeschdorf Bogeschdorf is situated in the Zwischenkokel area and north of Mediasch – in the 14th century the village belonged to the Mediasch chair as a free royal soil community, then to the Großkokel county and today it belongs to the district of Muresch. […]

Focus >> Galt

Fortified church in the shadow of the Galter Berg The fortified church is located on the right bank, 60 kilometres from Kronstadt/Braşov in the south-east of Reps. The village was first mentioned in 1211. Today you can reach Galt via the E60 and the district road DJ131F. As early as […]

Fokus >> Reußen

The leaning tower of Transylvania Between Stolzenburg and Marktschelken lies the small village of Reußen. On the way from Mediasch to Sibiu you can admire the leaning tower of Transylvania from the National Road 14. It lies on a hill in the east of the village and offers passers-by a […]

Fokus >> Curciu

„This treasury must be preserved“ Interview with the Fortified Church keeper Dana Crişan from Kirtsch/Curciu Teacher Dana Crişan has not been on holiday for three years, the restless keeper of Kirtsch values the peace in her fortified church very much. Her family is also involved – from ringing the bell […]

Focus >> The altar of Hălchiu – a magnificent gem of the region

Between Codlea and Feldioara lies Hălchiu – in the year 1377 the village was first mentioned in a royal privilege. It is one of the free villages that belonged to the judicial and administrative unit with Brașov. The so-called „Haldeboatschi”, which adorns the western portal of the church and goes […]