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The church castle takes the floor

Ladies and gentlemen, dear fellow castles,

I must tell you that it is already a curious thing what one experiences as a church castle: For centuries one stands around in world history, and all sorts of strange guests pay a visit to one. I hadn’t invited them, but they came anyway. The uninvited guests are, of course, in the majority – a catastrophe – because as a castle you naturally need defence and peace. Too little of it disturbs the balance, but an excess of peace is also not desirable, because otherwise you get cracks. I speak from experience when I say that these many centuries are not good for my health.
But I want to start all over again: The whole thing started already quite excellently, when this Vlad Ţepes came by here: the first event, which I can consciously remember as a young castle. He arrived here in 1456 and first burned down everything. An impudence, if one asks me – starting from my world view. But as a young castle one still has some nerves to bear these crude people and their special actions. But that will pass, ladies and gentlemen, that will pass.


What can I tell you more? Michael the Brave also strolled around here – thanks to him the church fort burned down here in 1601 – what a lout. And then this plague of locusts 191 years ago – I still remember very well – because a fortified church forgets nothing.
Recently, other curiosities have taken place here, and by that, I mean the time span of a moment since the nineties. However, I prefer these to the wandering historical figures who are up to their nastiness and disturb my peace.
However, I still must tell you about what happened to me recently: for the first time a Christmas market took place within my walls – with colourful stands, many people, all kinds of good things and lots of music: I had a brass band as a guest and a choir of Colinde singers (Christmas carol singers). I even witnessed a living nativity scene.
I was delighted to see so many children playing, laughing in the snow and hiding within my walls. It was better than hordes plundering and robbing – I can tell.
In this spirit and with warming thoughts to the children I wish you, ladies and gentlemen, as well as all castles in Transylvania a blessed year 2019. To the next 700 years.

Text: Aurelia Brecht