Ideciu de Jos / Niedereidisch / Alsóidecs

A fire destroyed the old church of Ideciu de Jos in 1868. Reconstruction began in 1870, but open-air services were still being held until 1874. The congregation sat in a large circle on rafters, which were later to support the tower roof. The newly built hall church does not show any particular stylistic features: The room is divided into three vaulted bays separated by belted arches, the choir has a lunette vault and between the choir and the nave there is a round triumphal arch. The bell tower in the west collapsed in 1875 shortly before its completion because the old foundations could not support the heavy new building. In the tower, which was then completely rebuilt, there are two already very old bells hanging today, one with the inscription “Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum” (from 1597), the other with the inscription “Anno Domini 1664”. During the time of totalitarianism, the Reformed, Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants all used the church – a kind of ecumenism out of necessity.