Rupea / Reps / Kőhalom

In the 15th century a Gothic hall church was built in Rupea. The Gothic vault in the hall was replaced 200 years later by a coffered ceiling that was renovated in 1713, according to a Latin inscription. Roof truss works must have taken place in 1665, because on one of the beams there is the date May 1, 1665. Moreover, in 1727 the organ loft was painted. In order to finance the repair works in 1930/31, the parish sold 16 Persian carpets. Part of the tracery on the west gallery is preserved to this day. The church windows still have their stone framing, only the northwest window has tracery. In addition, on the south wall above the gallery, there are remains of pre-Reformation frescoes, which show similarities to oriental paintings. Also preserved is a late Gothic sacrament niche, the wooden door of which is painted in Saxon peasant Baroque. Today, 17 oriental carpets can be seen inside the church.


  • 2014-2020 EU-financed restoration project of the church