Iacobeni (SB) / Jakobsdorf bei Agnetheln / Jakabfalva

In the 14th century, the Gothic hall church dedicated to St. James was built.

At the end of the 15th century, a late Gothic net vault was added to the hall. The extension to a fortified church took place around 1500, when the massive tower with a wooden battlement corridor was added to the west. Above the sacristy, the church has another five-story fortified tower. Above the church there is a cantilevered fortified level resting on 15 arches.

In the 1990s, the church of Iacobeni was temporarily given to another religious community for use. During this time, construction measures were carried out, especially in the interior, which did not comply with the preservation order. From the original inventory, however, among other things an epitaph of the pastor Michael Schullerus (1748) and the paneling of the galleries with paintings from the 18th century are still preserved.