Dupuș / Tobsdorf / Táblás

The construction of the small hall church in Dupuș was probably finished in 1524 – at least this date is written on the west wall behind the organ. The church is dedicated to the patron Saint of the village, Saint Tobias. Above the hall and choir rises the battlement floor, covered by a solid hipped roof. A painted cornice can be seen at the base of the battlement floor. Access is via a stair tower with a spiral staircase in the northwest corner of the church. After a fundamental renovation in 1741, further repair work followed in 1904/05 and in 1969 difficult consolidation work on the vault of the church was carried out. Originally, the church was surrounded by an approximately seven-meter high defensive wall, which the parishioners of Dupuș, however, partially removed in 1901 in order to build a new school. The remaining enclosure wall was thoroughly renovated in 1957. The bell tower, which collapsed in 1725, was replaced in 1902 by a smaller tower, which carries three pre-Reformatory bells. The middle bell from 1491 has medallions with depictions of dragons and griffins. The pre-Reformation winged altar is dated 1522. The Baroque side parts are from the early 18th century.