Meşendorf / Meschendorf / Mese

Meschendorf-2The early Gothic hall church built in the 14th century with western tower and polygonal chancel was prepared for defence in 1495. The tower was fortified with a wooden defence level, as well as the nave and the chancel. While the vaults of the church were removed because of the risk to collapse during the renovation work in the early 19th century, the tower has been preserved in its medieval form. The fortification wall was protected with three defence towers, of which two are still preserved and an outer bailey was built in the 16th century in the south-western part. A part of this wall was demolished in 1888, allowing a school to be built in that space. The three sides wooden gallery, decorated with Baroque paintings and the winged altar from 1693 above which the 1914 organ is installed, dominates the interior.

Place and surroundings

If one follows the picturesque main street of Meşendorf up the hill, passing by fruit trees and old farmhouses one reaches the fortified church. The best time here is in spring during the tree blossom: dogs bark, rooster crow and horse carts pass by.A simple fortification wall with interesting details surrounds the church. During religious service one can hear the sound of a beautiful Wegenstein organ. There is an hourglass made of four glass cylinders in the pulpit. This allowed the priest and the congregation to ensure the length of the sermon was observed.
The enchanted atmosphere of the village is heightened by an old legend. The Kazkes, a mountain in the direction of Criţ is supposed to be the home of an evil spirit – the canter. This gruesome character will haunt those who dare to go on the mountain at midnight.


  • 2023 Repair to the roof of the church tower
  • 2010-2014 EU-financed restoration project of the fortified church