Logig / Ludwigsdorf / Szászludvég

In the years 1912 and 1913 a small hall church with Neo-Romanesque elements was built in Logig. Before that, the vault of the old larger church had collapsed due to a landslide. The bell house and the curtain wall were removed even earlier because of dilapidation. The new church has a panelled ceiling, a western gallery, a sacristy located in the north, a circular choir and a low western tower. The latter serves as a staircase to the galleries and leads over two floors to the belfries. The choir as well as the nave are illuminated by windows arranged in pairs. A bell from 1880 was taken over from the old, collapsed church, but it was recast in 1912. The new church was consecrated by Bishop Friedrich Teutsch in 1914. The organ was made by Samuel Binder in 1912, the altar in 1913. The main picture shows the crucifixion.