Senereuș / Zendersch / Szénaverös

As early as the Middle Ages, there was a Gothic hall church in Senereuș, whose choir and hall were supported by buttresses and surrounded by a simple defensive wall and reinforced by three towers. It was demolished in 1870 and replaced by a neo-Gothic hall church. The spacious hall is covered with cross vaults separated by massive girder arches. On the north, south and west sides there are wooden galleries on columns. The gate and bell tower were probably built in 1568, as this date is written on one of the door wings. The southern tower has three floors with embrasures and a steep pyramidal roof. A third tower in the northeast was probably habitable, as indicated by the chimney and small windows. In the center of the neo-Gothic altar from 1884 there is a painting by Carl Dörschlag from Sibiu, which depicts Jesus with chalice. The organ built in 1753 or 1755 by Johannes Hahn – in 1824 Samuel Maetz added two pedal stops – was sold by the parishioners of Senereuș in 1886 far below value to the comparatively poor church community in Idiciu. Already in 1881 they had purchased an organ from Wilhelm Hörbinger.