Valea Lungă / Langenthal / Hosszúaszó

In the 14th century a towerless Gothic hall church was erected in Valea Lungă. It was fortified in the 15th century with an almost circular quarry stone wall and surrounded by six towers. The portal tower in the south and a tower reconstructed in 1981 with a reconstructed defence platform have been preserved. The church was renovated in 1681 and major repairs were carried out in 1721 and 1722. In the process, the side walls of the nave were demolished and moved inwards by one wall width. The construction work was completed in 1725 with the installation of a coffered ceiling. The painted bridges and mirrors show floral and tendril motifs. The baroque altar was erected in 1766. The main image depicts Jesus crucified and is surrounded by a baroque border. Hermann Binder built the organ in 1986 using parts of the organs from Monairu and Dumitra. The wall of the organ gallery is painted and bears the dates 1711 and 1766.