Idiciu / Belleschdorf / Jövedics

The small hall church was built in the 15th century on a mountain ridge in the west of the community of Idiciu. In consequence of a storm in 1690, the vault collapsed. Between 1825 and 1827 a larger choir took the place of the medieval one due to alteration works by Conrad, a master builder from Mediaș. Major renovation work was carried out in 1904, including the installation of a new roof truss. In 1927 the old wooden belfry was taken down and a new bell tower was built on the west side. When the old church of Senereuș was demolished in 1870, the villagers of Senereuș sold their organ far below value to the comparatively poor community in Idiciu. It had been built in 1753 in Sibiu and was sold on to the Roman Catholic St. Michael’s Church in Cluj-Napoca in 1991. One of the most valuable things the church once housed was the Renaissance coffered ceiling from 1690. 98 panels contained panels with geometric and plant decoration. In spring 2016, the roof of the church collapsed, leaving a ruin. An altarpiece is located in the chapel of the Drabenderhöhe nursing home in Germany.