Bazna / Baaßen / Bázna

Above the previous Romanesque construction, a Gothic hall church with polygonal chancel was erected in the first half of the 15th century. No tower was added to the church, but the hall was heightened by half its size and covered with a lierne vault. Above the chancel that boasts its groin vault, three massive defence levels and a timber frame parapet walk were built. In the 15th and 16th century the church was protected by a wall and several defensive towers, of which only the southern tower, serving both as a gate and a bell tower still exists. Later the town hall was even located here. The defensive systems of the chancel were dismantled in the 19th century and replaced by a high-hipped roof. On the western facade the probably Romanesque painted portal was exposed. The organ, the pulpit and the altar were set up in the second half of the 18th century and the pews and the tabernacle are Gothic. The sedilia with round arches originate from the Romanesque construction phase.

Place and surroundings

“The miracle of the fiery water”, “The field of salt” or the “Strange crater” are just a few of the places worth seeing in Bazna. It is said that, long ago, a group of shepherds who were resting near a lake close to the village decided to withstand the freezing cold of the night by making a fire. But as the first spark of the shy fire shed its light on the tired faces of the men, the looks changed into perplexity and terror: a spark touched the water surface, and instead of drowning and dying it increased and spread out and, within a few seconds, the red water of the lake was caught up in waves of fire. This happening caused so much rumour that even the count Valentin Frank von Frankenstein presents it in his lyrical writings. Years later, the phenomenon could, of course, be scientifically explained: salty water contains inflammable gasses, which have made Bazna famous in our times. The bathing places with their physiotherapeutic springs, the natural environment, the fortified church, the park – all of them offer both peace and adventure, relaxation and activity, to suit the taste of each visitor.