Ticușu Vechi / Deutsch-Tekes / Szásztyúkos

In 1494, the parish of Deutsch-Tekes received support for the construction of the church of eight guilders from the treasury of the Seven Chairs. On a small hill in the centre of the village, it was fortified with an eight-meter-high defensive wall until 1520. There are no remains of the 14th century medieval church that once stood here. During an earthquake in 1802, the church tower, the vault and the ring wall collapsed. After the repair of the church, the construction of a bell tower at the west end began. It has a pyramid roof with an onion-shaped top, above it a polygonal turret with point and knob. Between 1823 and 1827, the church was converted into a hall church in the late Baroque style. Parts of the circular wall were demolished in 1895 for school construction. The altar of the church dates from 1772 and was made by Johann Folbarth in Schäßburg. Johannes Baumgartner’s organ was originally intended for the church in Galt. A combined organ altar, the artistic highlight of the church, was created through reconstructions.