Romos / Rumes / Romosz

Since the 13th century, a Romanesque basilica has stood in Romos. Its reconstruction into a hall church with a polygonal choir, from whose vault two consoles have been preserved, took place around 1500 with the help of the Seven Chairs. Between 1816 and 1819 the church was extended to the west and the Gothic south portal was bricked up. A bell tower was also built. During excavations in the cemetery in 1910, the remains of a strong curtain wall were uncovered; they can still be seen to the southwest today. The baroque altar was erected in 1740 and renovated in 1783. In 1865 Carl Fries from Sebeș carried out repairs and added two paintings by the painter Johann Reumann from Orăștie to the altar. During restoration work in 1902, two wooden sculptures of Peter and Paul were added to the altar.