Șomartin / Martinsberg / Mártonhegy

In the 13th century, a three-nave basilica with a west tower was built on a hill in the middle of Șomartin. In 1520, the community received a grant from the treasury of the Sibiu Province to fortify the church. In the course of fortifying the church, a defense level was built above the choir. The best-preserved part of the Romanesque church is the western front with the portal and tower. In the 18th century, the basilica cross-section was altered by the addition of side aisles and the construction of bricked galleries. Since 1795, there is a porch in the south of the tower. Once the Șomartin church was surrounded by a rectangular fortified wall; in addition, a drawing by Martin Schlichting from around 1858 shows a smaller fortified tower north of the bell tower. In 1987, consolidation work was carried out on the bell tower and belfry. Due to improper hanging of the bells and due to fatigue of masonry and wood the tower started to vibrate. The damage was repaired by inserting reinforced concrete beams and consolidating the wooden structure. The central picture of the Baroque altar is a scene of the Last Supper by the Sibiu painter Johann Martin Stock and is dated 1730.