Uila / Weilau / Vajola

The towerless hall church in Uila is said to have been built in 1778. It shows features of the late Baroque period and has a short choir and a flat-ended choir screen. The choir and nave are spanned by a wooden ceiling with segmental arches. The interior is divided into capitals by pilasters. On the side of the altar, there are doors that close off a gallery. The main picture, which shows the crucifixion with Mary and John, is a work of the Sibiu painter Carl Dörschlag from 1866. The organ by Samuel Binder was installed in 1862, using the case, wind chest and pipe work of a predecessor organ. A special feature is the bell tower, which is not next to the church, but down in the village.


  • 2021 Funding of repair works on the church roof