Ideciu de Sus / Obereidisch / Felsőidecs

In the 15th century, a small Gothic hall church was built in Ideciu de Sus, consisting of a hall and a rectangular closed choir. The church received its present appearance with a flat, slightly rounded wooden ceiling in 1861. Its windows are large, wide and round closed. In the north and west there are wooden porches, the west portal has a pointed arch. In front of the southern entrance, there is a vestibule and a wide, round triumphal arch connects the choir and the nave. In 1842, a bell tower was added to the complex at some distance. It is equipped with large sound arcades and oval windows. On a stone slab on the west wall of the tower is the following inscription: “German loyalty and German diligence; Build to God in praise and glory; This tower – grandsons hear; Remains worthy of German ancestors. 1842 and 43”.