Veseud / Zied / Vessződ

As early as the 13th century, a towerless Romanesque pillared arcaded basilica was built in Veseud. Of this church, the choir square, the perimeter wall and the pillars are still preserved. Besides the modest choir, the low triumphal arch, in the preserved inner choir wall, also conveys the original spatial impression. Around 1500, the church was rebuilt and fortified with a rectangular wall belt and four fortification towers. The fortified tower built in the west of the church also served as a bell tower. All four towers as well as the ring wall were demolished in the second half of the 19th century. In the course of the fortified reconstruction, for reasons of stability, the choir was sheathed in order to be extended with a massive five-story defensive tower as well as a half-timbered passage on hanging trestles. On the upper floor of the tower there is the bell chamber. In it hangs a bell cast in the 15th century with the inscription “O rex glorie veni cum pace”. In 1784/85 the church was once again extended by a barrel vault and connected to the gate tower by a vaulted corridor. This gate tower has been preserved, as well as a section of wall 20 meters long and five meters high.