Pelișor – first danger averted

On 3 May 2017 the first emergency measures were carried out at the fortified church of Pelișor. It is located 22km south of Mediaș, in a side valley. For a long time no more worship services have been celebrated here and regular care could not be guaranteed until now. Thus the ravages of time have taken hold quickly: a heavily damaged church roof, broken rain gutters, a collapsed staircase to the gate tower, wild growth everywhere and three large ash trees that grew almost out of the ring wall. They also threatened to fall on the church.  These have now been cut down in a first action by tree specialists. Furthermore, the lime trees and pines at the staircase access gate have been cut.

These measures are part of a long-term joint project of the Fortified Churches Foundation and the Foundation Patrimonium Saxonicum, under the direction of the experienced architect Dr. Hermann Fabini.

With joint forces, the fortified church of Pelișor is to be saved from further decay and carefully restored.  The following further measures are planned for this year:

  • Support and emergency measures at the church, the bell tower and the ring walll
  • Repair of the tiled roofing of the churchdas Baum-Team
  • Preparation of a short expertise
  • Further art-historical and monument preservation investigations
  • construction documentationWith your >>donation for Magarei the plant can be secured and maintained!