Cemetary in Șaeș – gravestones secured

The 49 tombstones, which were knocked over and devastated by vandalism at the end of 2016, were erected and secured again in July.
Thanks to the generous donation of an emigrated Saxon from Șaeș and the additional funds provided by the “Support Association of the Fortified Churches Foundation”, the work could be carried out and completed.
Under the direction of the Ecuadorian stone restorer Fidias Vasquez, the gravestones, most of which were made of concrete, were brought back to place and connected to their pedestals.
The District Consistory of Sighișoara had arranged for a fence around the cemetery in advance, so that barrier-free access could be prevented in the future.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to all those involved!

Grabstein - vorher Grabstein - nachher Grabstein - vorher Grabstein - nachher

Arbeiten am Sockel Aufrichtung der Grabsteine