Storm damages again!

A heavy storm has hit parts of the Hârtibaciu Valley, causing  serious damage. It is already the second severe weather event to affect the southern Transylvanian region this year.

Clean-up and repairs are still underway after the floods, but Movile cannot come to rest. A heavy storm has uprooted trees and damaged buildings, reports Paul Diehl of the association Churchfortress – Friends of Hundertbücheln/Movile: “Unfortunately, the fortified church ensemble has also been affected: The old linden tree in front of the entrance to the fortified church could not withstand the storm and fell onto the roof of the former schoolhouse. There is now a hole of one to one and a half square metres there, which urgently needs to be closed.”

Architect Tudor Pavelescu from Sibiu confirms the damage: “The structure of the roof on the north side needs to be analysed and repaired. There, tiles have been removed as well as rafters destroyed.” The next step is to repair the roofing and gutters.

The Fortified Churches Foundation is coordinating the repair work.


Text: Stefan Bichler
Photos: Paul Diehl