Education in the field of monument preservation and traditional crafts

We are committed to applying, maintaining, and passing on traditional methods and techniques used in the fortified churches landscape in the past. We pass on our knowledge of these methods, and of monument preservation in general, to craftsmen, castle keepers, architects, curators and interested parties. In this way, we support the people who deal with churches and fortified churches on a daily basis and thus make a significant contribution to their preservation. Architects, conservators, archaeologists, and other professionals help us do this.

Our regular Hands on Conservation (HOC) workshops offer you the opportunity to further educate yourself in these traditional craft techniques. Feel free to contact us if you would like to be notified of upcoming workshop dates:

Historic preservation in the broader sense includes anyone who has a heart for our monuments and works to preserve them as the opportunity arises […]

Georg Dehio, 1903

This video only available in German with Romanian subtitles

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