Germany promotes the preservation of the landscape of fortified churches

The Fortified Churches Foundation, the leading and coordinating office of the Evangelical Church A. C. in Romania (ECR) for the preservation and sustainable use of the fortified church landscape, receives a special grant of over one million euros. The decision of the Bundestag on this funding was already taken in 2018. Negotiations on the concrete use of the funds are currently in the final phase.
On the basis of a resolution of the German Bundestag, the German Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media is making a special grant of 1.1 million euros available for the work of the Fortified Churches Foundation. This sum will be available until the end of 2022 for various measures that focus on securing and preserving the Transylvanian Saxon fortified churches. It is planned to carry out architectural and monument preservation projects on selected buildings, to prepare the documentation of the mobile cultural assets owned by the ECR and to take accompanying measures to optimise the preservation of church monuments and to publicise this cultural heritage.
The funding is distributed to the Transylvanian-Saxon Cultural Council, an association based in Germany that has been coordinating and implementing projects to preserve the Transylvanian-Saxon cultural heritage for many years. For the current promotion it functions as project carrier and co-operation partner of the Fortified Churches Foundation.
“The Fortified Churches Foundation is very grateful for this promise of support and sees it as an opportunity to further develop its own work decisively,” says Managing Director Philipp Harfmann.

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