Avrig / Freck / Felek

In the 13th century, a Romanesque three-aisled pillar basilica dedicated to St. Catherine was built in Avrig. On the ground floor of the bell tower, which serves as a porch, there is a cross vault. On the remarkable west portal, remains of stone sculptures have been preserved, which remind us, for example, of Hosman. Around 1500, in the course of the reconstruction to a hall church, the side aisles were removed, the choir end was straightened and the bell tower was raised by one floor. In 1765, the choir and nave were given baroque vaults. Parts of an oval ring-wall and the remains of a gate tower are still preserved from the original fortification. The tower clock was a gift from the Gubernator Samuel von Brukenthal (1770).

The pulpit including the baldachin dates from the 18th century, the late baroque altar from 1805.