Felmer / Felmern / Felmér

Only the choir with its semi-circle apse and the central nave have remained from the original 13th century building located on a slope in the remote hills east of Făgăraș. Around the year 1500 the church was fortified for reasons of defence, the side naves were taken down and a defence floor was erected on the choir and middle nave. The church is surrounded by a ring wall which originally boasted three defence towers of which two still stand. In 1795 the church received a tower on the west side and for this cause the ring wall was moved further westwards. The defence floor was taken down around 1800 and the central nave was vaulted with Bohemian caps that rest on sturdy wall structurfelmern3_altares. The today completely destroyed school was erected on the south side of the ring wall.

In the interior parts of the classicist features such as the pulpit and the altar without the altarpiece can still be found. The first oeuvre of the organ builder J. Prause is the organ of Felmer from the year 1780 which was brought to the church in Făgăraș and can be visited there.


On site, the Renascendis association is committed to the preservation and revitalisation of the fortified church.