Făgăraș / Fogarasch / Fogaras

Before the present church was built between 1841 and 1843, there was a small, modest church on this site, from which the baroque pulpit lid and baptismal font are still preserved. In the foyer of the church, there are, among other things, three epitaphs and a statue of the Apostle Paul from the time before the church was built.

The construction of the new, classicistic hall church was financially considerably supported by Carl von Brukenthal (a grand-nephew of the Gubernator Samuel von Brukenthal), the “chief captain of the Făgăraș district” at that time, whose gilded coat of arms adorns the choir stalls. The organ was built in 1878 in the studio of the organ builder Wilhelm Hörbiger.

Since 1995 the pulpit and the Johannes-Prause organ of Felmer (both from the late 18th century) are in the Făgăraș church.