Țigmandru / Zuckmantel / Cikmántor

The old church of the Țigmandru, situated on the noble soil of the region between the Târnava Mare and the Târnava Mică rivers, was demolished in 1851.

In the years 1865 to 1870 the new church – hall church with west tower and choir in semicircular apse – was built. The church has a wooden altar, in the center of which there is a painting made by Carl Dörschlag in 1869. It shows Jesus in Gethsemane with an angel. The organ with twelve stops, built in 1865 by Samuel Binder, also dates from that time. In the church there is a stone baptismal font. Among the bells of Țigmandru, the medium-sized one is of particular importance: it dates from pre-Reformation times and bears the Latin inscription “O rex glorie veni cum pace”. The other two bells are from more recent times.

In the mid-1960s, the parish of Maieruș became a daughter parish of Țigmandru. In the 1990s, the church was renovated and finally re-inaugurated in 2002.