Marpod / Marpod / Márpod

Like most churches in the Hârtibaciu Valley, the parish church of Marpod has its origin in a three-nave basilica. From this first church a Romanesque capitila has been preserved, which today is built into the first southern pillar of the church. In 1494 and 1504, Marpod received support from the treasury of the Sibiu District of the Seven Chairs for construction works on the tower. From this period, parts of the side walls of the church hall and remains of the church castle are preserved. Between 1785 and 1798, the church of Marpod got its present appearance. The church is surrounded by a quadrangular fortified wall, in the corners of which four towers originally stood. The towers in the northeast and southeast are still preserved. The old town hall was added to the southern wall. The three-part altar contains a significant central image, painted by Hans Hermann from Sibiu in 1926, flanked by two statues of Apostles. The organ with Baroque prospect was built in 1762 by Johannes Hahn, repaired in 1817 by Samuel Maetz and restored in 1985.