Șoala / Schaal / Sálya

The church of Șoala is located on a hill in the middle of the small village, which consists of only one main street and a few side streets. In the 15th century, a late Gothic church with a polygonal choir was built here. It is dedicated to Saint Ursula of Cologne, who according to legend lived in the Roman Empire during the persecution of Christians. The curtain wall was probably built at the end of the 15th or beginning of the 16th century and reinforced with defense towers in the north, east and southwest, all three of which have been preserved. On the inside of the ring wall, the battlements run on wooden hanging blocks. Transverse walls subsequently divided the castle courtyard. Major construction work on the church and choir is recorded for the years 1832 to 1834. The church was extended by a little more than four meters to the west. The bell tower was repaired and raised in 1822, but had to be demolished in 1883 due to the danger of collapse. Today the bells hang in a wooden chair south of the church. Inside the church, the Classicistic altar program is structured around a crucifixion scene designed by Wilhelm Schadhauer in 1845. The organ, installed in 1851, is the work of Heinrich Meyerwald from Brașov and was renovated in 1931 by Andreas Scherer from Șomartin.