Toarcla / Tarteln / Kisprázsmár

The Romanesque basilica of Toarcla dates from the 13th century and is dedicated to St. Catherine. At the turn of the 15th to the 16th century, it was fortified.

It has two side aisles and a mighty west tower, which is as wide as the central nave. The choir with semicircular apse has a cross vault. The first floor of the tower also boasts a cross vault and carries the western gallery. Below the sound windows of the belfry of the tower, there are twin windows with round arches.

The Romanesque west portal of the church is significant. Its vestments are stepped six times and have three pairs of columns on bases stepped twice. Similar to the west portals of Hosman and Avrig, remains of sculptures can be seen in Toarcla. In the south, west and north, remains of the fortified wall are still preserved.

The organ comes from the workshop of Johannes Prause (1796) and was purchased by the church community of Cincu in 1905.