Reghin / Sächsische-Regen / Szászrégen

The beautiful church of Reghin is one of the most significant buildings of the city and was built as a Catholic church in the year 1330 and dedicated to Saint Mary. The inscription that proves this fact is the oldest majuscule inscription in the entire region of Transylvania.
The church became Evangelic Lutheran in 1551 in the course of the Lutheran Reformation. In the following years the church was victim to a number of severe strokes of fate: during a revolt in the year 1708 a huge fire ruined the entire church, the parish house and the surrounding fortification. The building remained roofless for the following 70 years before the congregation began rebuilding it towards the end of the century. But it was not to be spared for long. Another 70 years later the whole town was raided and the church was set on fire once again. Only in the following years it could be renovated step by step.
Thanks to the support of the emigrated Saxons from Reghin as well as to the involvement and dedication of the remaining population, the church is now open again and welcomes visitors – it is a real jewel for the cityscape and home to a lively and active community.