Vingard / Weingartskirchen / Vingárd

The towerless hall church in late Gothic style was built in 1461, according to an inscription on the west portal, which mentions Johannes Gereb de Vingard as the church patron Saint. The five keystones in the choir show the Hungarian imperial coat of arms, the heraldic animal of the Gereb family, the heraldic image of the Szilágyi family, the heraldic animal of the Hunyadi family and a stone decorated with vine leaves and vines, which refers to the name Vingard, German: Weingartskirchen. Valuable stone carvings can also be found in the south portal and on the west façade. In the 18th century, the interior was redesigned in Baroque style. The Baroque barrel vaulting contains pilasters that correspond to the old buttresses. The Baroque altar dates from 1715, the rectory chair from 1461.