Exemplary work of the “HOG Holzmengen” at the fortified church

In the five days from 1 April, the HOG Holzmengen (community of emigrated Saxons) was very hard-working – some important measures were taken in and around the fortified church. The results are really impressive!

The individual projects were discussed in advance by the advice and introduction of Sebastian Bethge, the representative for monument preservation of the Fortified Churches Foundation, and then implemented with the tireless commitment of the 13-man team.

The following points were among the objectives achieved:

– Exposure of the original stone drainage of the church walls
– Excavation of the old wall-water-flow and laying of a seepage shaft
– Connection of the stone drainage with the seepage shaft for better rainwater drainage
– Cleaning work in the tower
– Cleaning the air bellows of the organ in preparation for the planned restoration of the organ
– New laying of a natural stone staircase to the community room (museum)
– Excavation of the tree trunks and leveling work in courtyard
– Repairs on the stairs to the cemetery
– Planting (sowing) of lawns in the cemetery and courtyard area
– Assembly of a church lock (entrance portal)

A total of 20 tree trunks could be excavated and disposed of, most of the stones were recycled for drainage and a dry wall, 100kg of lawn seeds were sown, smaller trees were planted and a lot of tools and machinery were used.

The disciplined troops stuck to the working hours from 8:00 to 18:00 daily and were well taken care of at the vicarage with lunch and coffee breaks.

The travel and accommodation costs were paid by the helpers themselves and the total costs of approx. 2,000 Euro for the materials, construction machinery, trucks and food were covered by HOG Holzmengen.

As you can see in the gallery: an exemplary effort!
Many hands – fast progress – great results!
We congratulate HOG Holzmengen and the helpers from the village and look forward to the further good cooperation.

Pictures: HOG Holzmengen (Hosman)