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Kirchenburg Galt3

Fortified church in the shadow of the Galter Berg

The fortified church is located on the right bank, 60 kilometres from Kronstadt/Braşov in the south-east of Reps. The village was first mentioned in 1211. Today you can reach Galt via the E60 and the district road DJ131F.

As early as 2017, the HOG initiated cooperation and asked the Foundation for a professional assessment: Now the community of home towns and the municipality of Galt were supported: First, a status report and a list of the necessary work and an initial cost estimate were prepared. The roofing work alone cost 12,000 to 16,000 euros – used second-hand tiles and newly traditionally produced roof tiles are to be used to replace the roof. Furthermore, carpentry work must be carried out and the vegetation must be cut back. Particularly important is the reactivation of rainwater drainage within the cemetery, i.e. the old stone gutters must be renewed and supplemented. The road sign with reference to the fortified church and the castle keeper’s shield also need to be renewed. In 2019, the concrete construction planning is to be carried out with an architect – the initial aim, however, is to consolidate the building; redevelopment and further use is to be found later. There is also a museum next to the fortified church; it could be expanded further in the future: On display here are Saxon costumes, an old loom as well as traditional furniture and ceramics.


The remains of the Roman camp “Pons Vetus” near the complex are also of interest to visitors; in 262 A.D. Goths and Gepids are said to have fought each other here. Some of the archaeological finds from here can be admired in museums in Braşov/Kronstadt and Sibiu/Hermannstadt. The church of Galt also has special features for the visitor: The two lion heads, which once adorned the left side of the western portal, were removed in the 19th century and are now in the Brukenthal Museum and the sacristy of the church.