Măgheruș / Maniersch / Magyarós

On the valley slope, halfway up the hill above the village, stands the simple hall church of Magheruș. Free of certain stylistic features, it was probably built in the 16th century. The bell tower is made of massive stone masonry and is significantly older than the church. This assumption is supported by the narrow, long firing slits, which date back to before the appearance of firearms. From the third floor the tower is made of brick masonry, the fifth floor forms the open battlement on hanging trestles. The defense wall made of flat sandstone slabs is between three and four meters high. The gate tower probably also dates from the 16th century and was renovated in 1725 and 1814. The gate of the defense wall is open today and is overgrown by vegetation. The door to the church hangs diagonally in the hinges, windows are splintered and the plaster is crumbling. The altar is a raw stone block, over the back of which a remarkable altarpiece rises. Remarkable not for its pictorial art, but for its minimalist Protestant simplicity. The organ from 1912 was sold to Târgu Secuiesc in 1988.


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